Getting Out in Yeouido

During class this morning, one of my students shared that she had spend her Sunday walking through the park at Yeouido, admiring the recently bloomed cherry blossoms. Over the past couple weeks, I have done much less wandering than I had been earlier in my stay, and I decided that I needed to embrace again the excitement of being in this new city. From what I have heard, it is right around the 2-month mark that expats start to settle and lose that energy that had sustained them until now. If you have read Missing Home, you will know that I have started to feel that homesickness. It has begun to pass, but I have felt the complacency setting in as I get used to my new temporary home. Knowing that it would only get harder to break the habit, I decided to have an adventure to Yoeuido to test my photography skills. I simply hopped on the subway to Yeouido station and started exploring. Using just a few hours of my afternoon, I was able to rekindle that adventurous spirit that has been fighting to keep burning against the stifling stagnation of routine and banality.

As I was to learn, Yeouido is the seat of power in Seoul. I stumbled upon a large park that has a strange foreign feeling of combining New York’s Central Park and the The National Mall in Washington, D.C. After spotting, a conspicuous dome in the distance, I decided to investigate. It turns out that what I saw was the National Assembly building. I am always impressed with a nation’s government buildings. South Korea has clearly put a great deal of work into making the National Assembly complex an expansive and inspiring plot of land. After a bit of wandering and a quick bit to eat, I returned home for my evening classes, feeling the energy and ambition with which I had arrived here in Seoul nearly two months ago.

Here are the images of my trip. Enjoy!

Yeouido Park

The National Assembly

A street performer near the Han River

Cherry blossoms along the riverwalk.


Nailed it.

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