Go for a walk

We walked a lot yesterday. My legs are tired. It’s a good tired. I also didn’t eat much this morning. I don’t like to eat a lot when I haven’t been exercising. I’ve mostly been resting. Well, except yesterday, but that was just a curious exploration, like today. But today is different. It feels different. I wanted to get productive today, but it was too beautiful. Addison and I sat at a cafe for a couple hours, he with his green tea, I with my coffee. My computer was open, but I wasn’t doing much. It wasn’t totally because of his constant distractions. He warned me that would happen. I kinda wanted it to. He’s fun to talk to. But the main killer was just that I couldn’t believe how wonderful the air felt on that patio. It was cool, even dry. I haven’t felt this kind of cool, crisp breeze since before I came to Korea. After he left to catch his flight back to the States, I decided to go for a walk. It was too nice not to.

I found this path along this man-made river. It’s not completely natural, but you gotta respect the people who thought to put something like this here. Walking along the soft-paved path, I could feel a small pang of hunger in my stomach. I kinda like that feeling. It makes me feel light. Though my legs were tired, they carried me easily, a bit lazily, really. I got no where to be, except here. The Koreans like to put these stone step bridges across these artificial rivers. These big, blocky boulders that appear to be left over from somewhere line up to let you step across the water that jets between them while the shallow stream ebbs along like glass just upstream. Downstream, the ripples from the bubbling rapids carry on for a couple hundred meters, but they settle out, and the stream carries on in its smooth-topped ambling toward some basin or confluence somewhere far away from here. But right here, it has been kind enough to give me a comfortable place to dip my feet in the water and think. It ain’t quiet, but the sound of rushing water is a hell of a lot better than traffic. Though the occasional flyover from the nearby military base and the random boom of some construction somewhere beyond the trees behind me remind me that this is still a sprawling metropolis, this place is nice. Sometimes we need to just go for a walk. Especially on a day like this, I can’t let this feeling go to waste.

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