Photo Update: Moscow

Across the whole of the Asian continent, I have ambivalently overlooked the architectural wonders of each nation. Though pretty and often intricate, there were other phenomena that caught my eye much more strongly. For the first time in a long time has my urban environment taken my breath away. The people of Moscow have built great big things, made of brick and stone and concrete, made to last. The towering structures may be years or decades or centuries old at this point, but they all portend that their futures will span millennia. I rarely angle my lens upward to capture rising spires, but I simply had to try my best to show the magnificence of this city. Though Red Square was preparing for the coming holidays, I was able to squeeze around for a few worthwhile shots.

I met with a fellow couchsurfer who had reached out to me several months ago looking for worldwide responses on what global media was spreading about her country. I’m sure she never thought we would actually meet face to face, but we did, and she got me thoroughly lost in this immense city!

We split up just before sunset, and after a grey and dreary day, the night provided even better lighting than the day.

One last thought:

Here’s a shot of one tower of the wall that surrounds the Kremlin, previously the seat of power of Soviet Union and now of the Russian Federation. Take a look at who stands watch over the door. Isn’t is ironic that the nation that gained the pejorative atheist moniker displays its Christian roots and the one whose constitution forbids such religious displays on government buildings became the “Christian nation”? Strange how things play out that way.


2 thoughts on “Photo Update: Moscow

  1. Hi Geoff, I can’t believe you are in Moscow, so far away and so exciting. When Brooke and I were there (for only 1/2 a day) we had coffee at the Astor Hotel and toured the Hermitage Museum and shopped from cars that had their trunks full of local Russian crafts. Can’t wait to hear all about your touring of this awesome city. Miss you. Bye,
    L, Grandma


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