Hello from Longyearbyen!

Hey, all. I certainly will have some stories to tell in the near future, but for right now I just have a video update from my spur of the moment jaunt to the top of the world.

4 thoughts on “Hello from Longyearbyen!

  1. Geoff, hope you are staying warm. Soo happy to hear where you are today. Where do you go next? Keep in touch. You look happy. Bye,
    Love, Grandma


  2. Geoff,
    North Pole cold …well Ft Collins was 14 below on Saturday night and snow! However the sun is shining today and warming up. Looks like a real interesting town…my guess the seasonal workers come in the summer time…but if you are a miner the sun shine is of little importance. Happy holidays and know we will be missing you on Christmas Eve. Enjoy….
    Grandpa W.


    • It is certainly a bit weird that this town deep in the Arctic is warmer than much of Colorado. Indeed, it’s rather unsettling.

      Yes, most of the seasonal work is in the summer, but my host is a dog sled guide, so there is winter work to be had.

      And she mentioned that one of her friends who works in the mines hasn’t seen the sun in four months!

      Perhaps I can Skype today, but I’ll get to celebrate Christmas with my temporary family here in Germany. I don’t understand most of what is happening, But they have made me feel welcome. 🙂


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