What was I thinking?

With a full belly and clean clothes donned after a good night’s rest indoors and a hot shower, I sit among the tourists. Their heavy suitcases clatter noisily over the bricks amidst the slowly trundling masses of swinging cameras and false knowledgeability of this foreign city. My phone sits beside me with full LTE connectivity. My emails are answered, messages checked, and next Facebook photo ready for upload. I am no less connected than I was three days ago.

I came to Bergen in an attempt to unplug from civilization. It was a fool’s errand. But what could I really expect?  My original tentative plan to get off the grid was to go far from any big city and get lost in the mountains. But I knew I wasn’t ready to spent six days in the wilderness alone. I can’t trust myself to wander out again in any reasonable health. Not yet, at least. I will learn.

But I decided on Bergen because I had contacts here. So why would I seek solitude here when I have such an excellent opportunity to couchsurf and make new friends?

I got my day of suffering, hunkering inside my slowly dampening tent for 18 hours through a sideways downpour, but I never even got out of cell phone range.

So, I’ve failed. I did not unplug. I have kept up my writing. My travel journal is filling up nicely, and I’ll share some stories when I have my computer again (typing this out on my phone takes forever). I’ll give this solitude in the wild thing a shot later, but now I’m just enjoying my post-thesis vacation in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. It’s already been wonderful, and I’ll share more next week.

Speak soon.

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