European Adventure Day 25: Iceland

I’ve made it to Reykjavík and sooner than expected. Even though the ferry brings hundreds of people to Seydisfjordur on the east coast a couple times a week, there isn’t a good bus connection to the only proper city and capital in the Southwest. So, after meeting a fellow traveler on her way to her temporary home in Reykjavík, I agreed to split renting a car. Given the emptiness of the buses, it was probably the more environmental option for the two of us to take our little fuel-sipper along the southern half of the ring road.

I’m glad we did so. It was a beautiful route, and the buses don’t go that way. It was also a good chance for a long conversation with a new acquaintance. In the whole 8+ hours, we left the radio off and had only a few minutes of silence. Marie is also passionate about sustainability, so we discussed at length the state of society and our hopes and predictions about its future. She’s much more optimistic than I am.

Now in Reykjavík, I’m fully feeling the end of this adventure. After checking into my hostel at about 20:30, I crawled directly into bed without even changing or cleaning up. Even though the day involved almost zero physical activity, I was exhausted. I slept soundly through the interruptions of inconsiderate roommates until 7:00 this morning and still struggled to drag myself out of bed after 8:00.

For my last night abroad, I’ve booked a hotel room right next to the big church in the center of Reykjavík – thanks Chase travel rewards! I’m killing time at a cafe until check in. I feel I should go exercise, but I might just go back to sleep. My flight leaves tomorrow evening, and honestly, it can’t come soon enough.

One thought on “European Adventure Day 25: Iceland

  1. Geoff, you really sound exhausted–but you can sleep on your flight home to NYC. Then after your visit there you can sleep on the train to Denver. Can’t wait to see you. lol, Grandma


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