And that’s all from Southeast Asia

It’s actually hard to believe I’ve been on the road for over a month now. The time just disappeared. But not in the way of a reminiscent octogenarian longing for their better years, but rather in the way of when someone says,”Time flies when you’re having fun!” Three new countries, lots of history learned, a wealth of wisdom gained, and a handful of new friends made. Oh, and buckets of sweat. Can’t forget the sweat.

It has already been one hell of an adventure and it’s only just begun. This was really just a detour before I have to go figure out how to put my life in order in Europe, but I will start that process with much needed clarity and focus.

Until then, here are a few clips from my past few days. I have a couple more, but I can’t connect to the WiFi, and I don’t feel pressured enough to use my data for video uploads.

And a few photos:

A park near Sifat’s apartment.

Some shots of the Singapore skyline:

And from the Gardens by the Bay. It’s actually very peaceful if you go the opposite direction from the herd.

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