This is starting off well

Not gonna lie: I was really getting excited about having my computer again. But my past self is conspiring against my present self and putting my future self in a less than optimal financial situation. After buying an unnecessary (and probably useless) flight ticket that allowed me to check in for my flight to Sweden, I was reunited with my giant travel pack of the things I plan to live on for the next several months. One of those things is my computer. It cost me $180 to send the bag, but it seemed worth it to have my $1000-computer. Except, said computer is worthless without electricity, and the charger is probably packed irrationally in a box in my parents’ basement. I also forgot the charger to the hair clippers I packed (which I bought in order to save money on haircuts). It’s not an enormous sum to replace these things, but it annoyingly makes me adjust my budget. And of course all the hassle of finding chargers. So, until I get a new charger, I’m still doing videos instead of writing.

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