New Podcasts! Former Congressman Bob Inglis and retired professor John Grant

Some of you only get my updates via the blog, but I’m mostly working on the more conventional feeds of Twitter and Facebook. At least for now.

Just a few updates.

  1. I have some new podcast material up. I spoke with former Congressman Bob Inglis of about small-government approaches to decarbonization. I also spoke with retired professor John Grant about his fears and hopes for the future. Links below.
  2. I have two more guests confirmed, one of whom will be my first climate change skeptic. We’re meeting on Friday and hopefully recording next week. The other is CSU climate scientist, and we’ll meet on Monday to discuss details. Big week ahead
  3. In unrelated news, my Belgian work permit got approved! I leave Colorado November 28th, and I plan to be in Belgium the following week. New adventure on the horizon!


Interview with Grant Couch

Hey all! I’m now making a concerted effort to spread the podcast. If you enjoy it, please share links! If I can garner a legitimate audience, I might be able to start bringing in some bigger names.

However, I’ve already gotten lucky enough to have a former Wall Street executive, so that’s pretty big! The latest episode is an interview with Grant Couch.

You can find more information on the





If you’re an Apple user, here’s how to get to get to the show in