European adventure day 12: Rotterdam

Sorry for the long paws…erm. pause.

I’ve been failing at just about everything recently, notably keeping you all updated on my life. You didn’t miss much though. We never even went to Hamburg (other than to get picked up and drive promptly to Ashausen). I’m posted up in Rotterdam for the next few days. I’ll do better at keeping the videos coming.





European adventure day 7: Salzburg

The hills are alive with the sound of tourism!

I’m still working through my aversion to tourism, and it’s leading me some pretty dark places. Perhaps I’ll be able to put them together into a cogent enough form to share. Hopefully, some discussion with Joel and T’ew this weekend will help me organize these thoughts. In the meantime, here are some shots from Salzburg and an update.




European Adventure day 5: Graz

I recently heard the phrase “win the morning, win the day.” It has been too long since I’ve won the morning. Bad evening habits and a lack of morning routine has left many of my days starting sluggishly with a slog through a half hearted workout (if any) and general lethargy throughout the day. This morning, I got my act together. Preempting my alarm for the third day in a row, I got moving around 6 to get through an hour-long work out for the first time in weeks. It set the stage for a wonderful day. After coming back and getting changed for a hike, I got distracted when I saw a farmer’s market that I had heard would only be open until about noon. I jumped off the tram and spent the next 30 minutes like a kid in a candy shop, spending all my money on fresh produce (including €14 on a bag of seasonal mushrooms, oops) and enjoying every awkward conversation with my infantile German. Finally making it out to the mountain after dropping the groceries back at the flat, I felt a resurgence of energy and despite the hundreds of stairs I had run earlier this morning, I ran my way through the forest in boots and utility pants for a solid two hours. Exhausted and buzzing with endorphins, I came back to play in the kitchen with the excess of groceries. It was a good day.