European Adventure day 5: Graz

I recently heard the phrase “win the morning, win the day.” It has been too long since I’ve won the morning. Bad evening habits and a lack of morning routine has left many of my days starting sluggishly with a slog through a half hearted workout (if any) and general lethargy throughout the day. This morning, I got my act together. Preempting my alarm for the third day in a row, I got moving around 6 to get through an hour-long work out for the first time in weeks. It set the stage for a wonderful day. After coming back and getting changed for a hike, I got distracted when I saw a farmer’s market that I had heard would only be open until about noon. I jumped off the tram and spent the next 30 minutes like a kid in a candy shop, spending all my money on fresh produce (including €14 on a bag of seasonal mushrooms, oops) and enjoying every awkward conversation with my infantile German. Finally making it out to the mountain after dropping the groceries back at the flat, I felt a resurgence of energy and despite the hundreds of stairs I had run earlier this morning, I ran my way through the forest in boots and utility pants for a solid two hours. Exhausted and buzzing with endorphins, I came back to play in the kitchen with the excess of groceries. It was a good day.

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